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How do I safely navigate the world of Real Estate?


There ‘s so much to do, so much to consider. How do I safely navigate the world of Real Estate?

Home Buyers and Sellers have plenty of questions: What about timing? Budget? Market value? Is a fixer-upper better or a move-in-ready home? What about new construction? What is a good long-term Real Estate investment? Which neighbourhood? Are condominiums good value?

And what about all the jargon? What about negotiating? What professionals are needed? Offers, sign backs, home inspections, lawyers, movers, schools, utilities, deadlines… oh my.

Relax. I can help with all of these things, and many more you may not have thought about. I’ll put my experience to work for you. My office has a Real Estate Concierge to assist and connect you with other professionals you’ll need. Helping clients find the home they need, navigating the sometimes overwhelming amount of real estate information available and negotiating are all passions of mine. That’s why I went the extra mile and achieved the Accredited Buyer’s Representation designation in addition to a specialized course on Negotiation.

Real Estate Specialities:

  • accessibility, wheelchair and other special needs;
  • new homes;
  • condominiums

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